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Index page for: Fennema's Food Chemistry, Fourth Edition

Table of Contents Introduction to Food Chemistry, O.R. Fennema, S. Damodaran, and K.L. ParkinMajor Food Components Water and Ice, D.S. Reid and O.R. FennemaCarbohydrates, J.N. BeMiller and K.L. HuberLipids, D.J. McClements and E.A. DeckerAmino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins, S. DamodaranEnzymes, K.L. ParkinMinor Food Components Vitamins, J.F. Gregory IIIMinerals, D.D. MillerColorants, S.J. Schwartz, J.H. von Elbe, and M.M. GiustiFlavors, R.C. LindsayFood Additives, R.C. LindsayBioactive Substances: Nutraceuticals and Toxicants, C.T. Ho, M.M. Rafi, and G. GhaiFood SystemsDispersed Systems: Basic Considerations, P. Walstra and T. van VlietPhysical and Chemical Interactions of Components in Food Systems, Z.E. Sikorski, J. Pokorny, and S. DamodaranCharacteristics of Milk, H.E. SwaisgoodPostmortem Physiology of Edible Muscle Tissues, G. Strasburg, Y.L. Xiong, and W. ChiangPostharvest Physiology of Edible Plant Tissues, J.K. Brecht, M.A. Ritenour, N.F. Haard, and G.W. ChismImpact of Biotechnology on Food Supply and Quality, M. Newell-McGloughlinAppendicesAppendix A: International System of Units (SI), The Modernized Metric SystemAppendix B: Conversion Factors (Non-SI Units to SI Units) Appendix C: Greek Alphabet Appendix D: Calculating Relative Polarities of Compounds Using Fragmental Constant Approach to Predict Log P Values.Index