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Index page for: Irradiation for Food Safety and Quality

Table of Contents ForewordSummary of the Conference and Its ConclusionsAchievements in Food Irradiation during the 20th Century, J. F. Diehl, Challenges and Opportunities for Food Irradiation in the 21st Century, L.M. Crawford, Harmonisation of Regulations on Food Irradiation in Accordance with the SPS and TBT Agreements, P. B. RobertsFood Irradiation Harmonization in the European Union, H. VounakisLegal and Technological Consequences of the Ongoing Harmonization of Regulations in the Field of Food Irradiation, D.A.E. EhlermannIrradiation as an Alternative Treatment to Methyl Bromide for Insect Control, S. C. GuptaEpidemiology of Foodborne Illness-Role of Food Irradiation, R. A. EtzelIrradiation: A Critical Control Point in Ensuring the Microbiological Safety of Raw Foods, R. A. Molins, Y. Motarjemi, and F. K. K?fersteinRole of Irradiation in a Multiple-Hurdle Approach to Food Safety, M. PattersonReducing Microbial Contamination Including Some Pathogens in Minced Beef by Irradiation, I. F. Kiss and L. M?sz?ros, and H. Kov?cs-Domj?nControl of Post-Harvest Loss of Grain, Fruits and Vegetables by Radiation Processing, P. ThomasModern Trends in Post-Production Technology, M. Satin, Low Energy Electron Irradiation of Food for Microbial Control, T. Hayashi and S. Todoriki-SuzukiEconomics of Food Irradiation, P. KunstadtEconomics of Machine Sources for Irradiation of Food, M. R. Cleland, A. S. Herer and A. CokraganUnited States Consumer Choice of Irradiated Food, C. M. Bruhn, Florida: A Case Study in Marketing Irradiated Poultry, C. HunterGrowing Impact of Irradiation on Global Production of and Trade in Spices, M. I. EissProspects of Irradiation as a Phytosanitary Treatment of Chilean Grapes, T. C. RubioProspects of Radiation Sterilization of Shelf-Stable Food, I. De Bruyn