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Table of Contents Present Status and the Future of PEF Technology, G.V. Barbosa-Canovas and D. SepulvedaMicrobial Inactivation by Pulsed Electric Fields, R. Pagan, S. Condon, and J. RasoInactivation Kinetics of Microorganisms by Pulsed Electric Fields, M. Rodrigo, A. Martinez, and D. RodrigoDoes High-Intensity Pulsed Electric Fields Induce Changes In Enzymatic Activity, Protein Conformation, and Vitamin and Flavor Stability?, O. Martin-Belloso, S. Bendicho, P. Elez-Martinez, and G. V. Barbosa-CanovasPulsed Electric Field-Assisted Extraction of Juice from Food Plants, E. Vorobiev, A. Baset Jemai, H. Bouzrara, N. Lebovka, and M. BazhalApplication of PEF on Orange Juice Products, D. Rodrigo, F. Sampedro, A. Martinez, M. Rodrigo, and G.V. Barbosa- CanovasPEF-A Food Industry's View, H. LelieveldFundamentals and Applications of High Pressure Processing to Foods, J. Welti-Chanes, A. Lopez-Malo, E. Palou, D. Bermudez, J.A. Guerrero-Beltran, and G.V. Barbosa-CanovasThermodynamic Aspects of High Hydrostatic Pressure Food Processing, G. V. Barbosa-Canovas and J. J. RodriguezHigh-Pressure-Assisted Heating as a Method for Sterilizing Foods, V.Heinz and D. KnorrFreezing and Thawing of Foods Under Pressure, P.D. SanzStarch and Other Polysaccharides Under High Pressure, F. Ferna?ndez-Martin, G. Tabilo-Munizaga, and G. V. Barbosa-CanovasAdvances in Use of High Pressure to Processing and Preservation of Plant Foods, M. Pilar Cano and B. de AncosHigh-Pressure Applications on Myosystems, P. Montero and M. Gomez-GuillenHigh-Pressure Processing of Milk and Dairy and Egg Products, B. Guamis, R. Pla, A.J. Trujillo, M. Capellas, R. Gervilla, J. Saldo, and J. YusteCommercial High-Pressure Equipment, J. HjelmqwistFood Irradiation-An Emerging Technology, J. H. MoyUltraviolet Light and Food Preservation, A. Lopez-Malo and E. PalouMicrobial Inactivation by Ultrasound, S. Condon, J. Raso, and R. PaganUse of Magnetic Fields as a Nonthermal Technology, G. V. Barbosa-Canovas, B. G. Swanson, M. Fernanda San Martin G., and F. HarteNonthermal Technologies in Combination with OtherPreservation Factors, J. Raso, R. Pagan, and S. CondonSous Vide/Freezing Technology for Ready Meals, F.S. Tansey and T.R. GormleyAdvances in Ohmic Heating and Moderate Electric Field (MEF) Processing, S. K. SastryRadio-Frequency Heating in Food Processing, J. Tang, Y. Wang, and T.V. Chow Ting ChanCurrent State of Microwave Applications to Food Processing, P. Fito, A. Chiralt, and M. Eugenia MartinSupercritical Fluid Extraction: An Alternative to Isolating Natural Food Preservatives, G. Reglero, F. Javier Senorans, and E. IbanezModeling Systems and Impact on Food Microbiology, G. Betts and L. EverisPredictive Microbiology and Role in Food Safety Systems, A. Martinez, M. Rodrigo, D. Rodrigo, P. Ruiz, A. Martinez, and Ma. Jose? OcioExperimental Protocols for Modeling the Response of Microbial Populations Exposed to Emerging Technologies: Some Points of Concern, S. M. Alzamora, S. Guerrero, P. E. Viollaz, and J. Welti-ChanesApplication of Artiocial Intelligence to Predictive Microbiology, R. M. Garcia-Gimeno, C. Hervas- Martinez, and G. Zurera-CosanoGrowth/No-Growth Interface Modeling and Emerging Technologies, E. Palou and A. Lopez-MaloCalculating Microbial Inactivation During Heat Treatments Without D and Z Values, M. PelegSafety and Quality in the Food Industry, M. S. Tapia, I. Arispe, and A. MartinezIndex