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Table of Contents Section I: IntroductionUnderstanding Food and Food-Drug Synergy, Wendy E. Ward and Lilian U. ThompsonSection II: Cardiovascular DiseaseLipid Sources and Plant Sterols: Effect of Food and Food-Drug Synergy on Cardiovascular Disease Risk, Krista A. Varady and Peter J.H. JonesAntioxidant Phytochemicals and Potential Synergistic Activities at Reducing Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, David D. KittsSynergy of Portfolio Diet Components and Drugs in Coronary Heart Disease, David J.A. Jenkins, Augustine Marchie, Julia M. Wong, Russell de Souza, Azadeh Emam, and Cyril W.C. KendallThe Role of Complementary Vitamins, Folate, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin B12, in Cardiovascular Disease, Louise Mennen, Pilar Galan, and Angelika de BreeFood Synergy in Dietary Patterns and Risk for Chronic Diseases, Rob M. van DamSection III: CancerSoy-Food and Soy-Drug Interactions in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, Jin-Rong ZhouFlaxseed, Lignans, n-3 Fatty Acids, and Drug Synergy in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, Lilian U. ThompsonWhole-Grain Component Synergy and Cancer, Joanne SlavinSynergy and Safety of Antioxidants with Cancer Drugs, Kedar N. PrasadProbiotics: Synergy with Drugs and Carcinogens in Diet, Seppo Salminen, Hani El-Nezami, Eeva Salminen, and HannuMykk?nenSection IV: OsteoporosisSynergy of Soy, Flaxseed, Calcium, and Hormone Replacement Therapy in Osteoporosis, Wendy E. WardSynergy of Protein, Fats, and Calcium, Potential Synergies with Drugs for Osteoporosis, Marlena C. Kruger and Raewyn C. PoulsenSection V: Inflammatory Disease, Hypertension, and ObesityMolecular Targets for Antiinflammation and Dietary Component-Drug Synergy Akira Murakami and Hajime OhigashiFood and Food-Drug Synergies: Role in Hypertension and Renal Disease Protection, Manuel T. VelasquezMilk Proteins in Food-Food and Food-Drug Synergy on Feeding Behavior, Energy Balance, and Body Weight Regulation, Alfred Aziz and G. Harvey AndersonSection VI: ErgogenicsCaffeine, Creatine, and Food-Drug Synergy: Ergogenics and Applications to Human Health, Terry E. Graham and Lesley L. MoiseySection VII: Experimental DesignsDesigning Experiments for Food-Drug Synergy: Health Aspects, Lyn M. SteffenDesigning Experiments for Food-Drug Synergy: Safety Aspects, V.J. Feron, J.P. Groten, R.J.J. Hermus, D. Jonker, I. Meijerman, G.J. Mulder, F. Salmon, and E.D. SchoenIndex