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Table of Contents Introduction, B. Mattsson and U. SonessonASSESSING THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF FOOD PROCESSING OPERATIONSLife Cycle Assessment (LCA): An Introduction, J. BerlinLife Cycle Assessment of Vegetable Products, K.J. KramerLife Cycle Assessment of Fruit Products, L. Mil? I Canals and G. Clemente PoloLife Cycle Assessment of Animal Products, C. CederbergEnvironmental Impact Assessment of Seafood Products, F. ZieglerGOOD PRACTICEEnvironmental Issues in the Production of Beverages: The Global Coffee Chain, W. PelupessyImproving Energy Efficiency, H. Dalsgaard and A.W. AbbottsThe Environmental Management of Packaging: An Overview, F. de LeoRecycling of Packaging Materials, D.DainelliBiobased Food Packaging, V.K. Haugaard and G. MortensenRecycling Food Processing Wastes, M. Song and S. HwangWaste Treatment, C.L. Hansen and S. HwangAssessing the Safety and Quality of Recycled Packaging Materials, C. Simoneau, B. Raffael, and R, FranzEnvironmental Training for the Food Industry, B. WeidemaComparing Integrated Crop Management and Organic Production, H. van Zeijts, G. van den Born, and M. van SchijndelLife Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Wine production, B Notarnicola, G. Tassielli, and G.M. Nicoletti