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Environmentally Friendly Food Processing


ISBN10: 849317649
ISBN13: 9780849317644

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 200
Publish date: September 2003

Covers how to achieve environmentally-friendly food production Reviews the assessment of various food products and the ways in which the industry can improve their operations Discusses good practice for packaging, recycling, and waste treatment Explores methods for increasing energy efficiency Consumer pressure and increased regulation have made environmental awareness increasingly important in the food industry. Now more than ever, it is essential for food manufacturers to understand the environmental impact of their activities and raise their production standards. Environmentally-Friendly Food Processing reviews the effects that food manufacturers have on the environment and proposes ways in which the industry can improve their operations and become more environmentally responsible. The editors and their panel of experts evaluate the environmental impact of food processing practices in areas such as fruit, vegetable, meat, and fish processing. They highlight methods of improving energy efficiency and cover good practice in food processes including packaging, recycling, and waste treatment. Exploring important issues facing food manufacturers today and the quality of our environment tomorrow, this book is an important resource for everyone concerned with environmental awareness and responsibility in the food industry.