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Animal By-Product Processing & Utilization


ISBN10: 1566767776
ISBN13: 9781566767774

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 544
Publish date: Oktober 1999

New products from edible meat, seafood and poultry by-products New rendering techniques and how to evaluate their safety Uses of edible tissue from bone Important resource for BSE and the implications of low-temperature rendering Up-to-date discussions of waste disposal issues and methodologies This new edition of a well-respected reference brings together, in one place, information on the entire field of animal by-products processing and utilization. The book's contents cover both edible and non-edible products, by-products of seafood and poultry in addition to red meat, medicinal and pharmaceutical processing and utilization of animal by-products, and animal product waste disposal, processing, reduction and utilization. Particular attention has been paid to new products for the rendering industry, and to concerns over new animal diseases, which might well be transferred by feeding low-temperature rendered products to animals.