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Index page for: Medical Management of Diabetes Mellitus

Table of Contents OverviewThe Burden of Diabetes MellitusMichael M. Engelgau and Linda S. GeissType 1A Diabetes as an Immunological DisorderElizabeth Stephens and George S. EisenbarthType 2 Diabetes: Where Have We Been, Where Are We, and Where Are We Going?Richard EastmanStandards of Care in DiabetesNathaniel G. ClarkDiabetes Self-Management Education and the Diabetes TeamChristine T. TobinInsulin ResistanceWilliam T. CefaluDiabetes in Managed CareRonald E. Aubert, Rishi Sikka, William H. HermanSigns, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Diabetes TypesType 1 DiabetesPaul J. BeisswengerType 2 Diabetes MellitusJack. L. LeahyDiabetes in ChildrenJoseph I Wolfsdorf and Daniel J. NigrinDiabetes Care in the AdolescentNathaniel G. Clark and Paul B. MaddenDiabetes in PregnancyKaren Hugo and Lois JovanovicDrug-Induced Disorders of Glucose MetabolismSri Prakash L. Mokshagundam and Alan N. PeirisSecondary Forms and Genetic Syndromes of Diabetes MellitusShirwan A. Mirza and Jack L. LeahyTherapiesMedical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes: Clinical Guidelines for Primary Care PhysiciansMelinda Downie MaryniukExercise Therapy in DiabetesJohn T. DevlinOral Pharmacological AgentsAndrew J. Ahmann and Matthew C. RiddleInsulin TherapyFrank P. KennedyInsulin Pump Therapy: A Practical Tool for Treating People with Type 1 and Insulin Requiring Type 2 DiabetesSteven V. EdelmanPancreas TransplantationElizabeth R. Seaquist and David E.R. SutherlandComplicationsBenefits of Intensive Diabetes Management Bernard ZinmanDiabetic Eye DiseaseCraig M. GrevenCardiac Disease in Diabetes MellitusDebasish Chaudhuri and William E. HopkinsGastrointestinal Complications of Diabetes MellitusBernard Coulie and Michael CamilleriDiabetic Kidney DiseaseVirginia L. HoodErectile Dysfunction in Diabetes MellitusKenneth J. Snow and Andre GuayPeripheral Vascular Disease in DiabetesGary W. GibbonsManagement of the Diabetic FootGeoffrey M. HabershawDiabetic NeuropathyPeter D. DonofrioThe Diagnosis and Management of Lipoprotein DisordersErnst J. Schaefer and Leo J. SemanHypoglycemiaPatrick J. BoyleSkin Changes Associated with DiabetesJohn R. T. ReevesPsychosocial Complications of DiabetesAlan M. Jacobson and Katie WeingerHypertension and DiabetesJames R. Sowers and Bharat RamanSpecial SettingsDiabetes and AgingCaroline S. Blaum and Jeffrey B. HalterWeight Management in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes MellitusJorge Calles Escand?nInpatient Management of DiabetesSuzanne S. P. GebhartPerisurgical Management of the Patient with DiabetesBurrit L. HaagNutritional Support in the Diabetic PatientM. Molly McMahonDiabetic Ketoacidosis and Hyperosmolar ComaMuriel Helene NathanDiabetes and Polycystic Ovary SyndromeCarolyn H. Kreinsen and Andrea DunaifPolyendocrine SyndromesK. Patrick Ober