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Table of Contents INTRODUCTION, Waldemar DabrowskiToxins in Food - The Past and the Present Food ContaminationThe Effect of Food Components on HumansWhat Affects the Food Safety Issues Nowadays?Population ChangesTrends in Food ProductionFood Allergy or Food Intolerance?Links Between Food and Health - Tracing a Human GenomeNATURAL TOXINS OF PLANT ORIGINS, Kip E. PanterNitrogen-Containing Plant ToxinsNitrogen-Free Plant ToxinsMUSHROOM TOXINS, Heinz FaulstichIntroductionAmatoxinsOrellanineGyrometrinCoprinPsilocybin, PsilocinIbotenic Acid and Muscimol MuscarinMushrooms Causing Gastrointestinal DisordersPHYTOESTROGENS IN FOOD PLANTS, Paola AlbertazziSources of Phytoestrogen and Estrogenic EffectsPhytoestrogen Metabolism Effect of Processing Phytoestrogens and their ActivityBeneficial and Adverse Effects of Phytoestrogens in HumansMethodology for the Detection of PhytoestrogensMethodology for the Detection of PhytoestrogensFOOD ALLERGIES AND FOOD INTOLERANCE, Elzbieta KucharskaWhat is an Allergy?Influence of Genetic FactorsInfluence of the Environmental Factors Food AllergensPatomechanism of Food AllergyFood Allergy SymptomsNon-allergic Hypersensitivity ReactionBIOGENIC AMINES IN FOODS, George J. Flick, Jr. and Linda A. GranataToxicityFishPrevalence in CheesePrevalence in Fermented MeatsPrevalence in Fresh MeatsPrevalence in Wines and BeersPrevalence in Other FoodsMARINE PHYCOTOXINS IN SEAFOOD, Lorraine C. Baker, Helen Schurz-Rogers, Lora E. Fleming, Barbara Kirkpatrick, and Janet BensonOrganisms, Toxins, and SyndromesToxin Detection and MonitoringMitigating the Impact of Harmful Algal BloomsResearch and Public Health IssuesBACTERIAL TOXINS, Waldemar Dabrowski and Dagmara MadralaClostridium botulinumStaphylococcus aureusMYCOTOXINS, Ana M. CalvoBiology and Ecology of the Various Molds Species that Produce Relevant MycotoxinsThe Effects of Processing, Handling and Storage on Toxin StabilityMedical and Financial Aspects of Mycotoxin PoisoningsSelected Cases of Foodborne Mycotoxin PoisoningDetection, Identification, and Determination of Mycotoxins in Foods and SeedsOfficial Regulation Regarding Mycotoxin Content in Food and Methods of ControlHEAVY METALS, Mikokaj ProtasowickiMercuryCadmiumLeadArsenicCopperZincTinPESTICIDES IN FOOD, Carl K. WinterPesticides: Types, Toxicity, and UseRegulating Pesticides in FoodPesticide MonitoringDietary Pesticide Risk AssessmentANTIBIOTIC AND HORMONE RESIDUES IN FOODS AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE, Stanley K. Katz and Paula Marie L. WardAntibiotic Usage in AnimalsAntibiotic ResiduesAnimal Residue DataSampling ProceduresAntibiotic Residues in ImportsAntibiotic Residues in MilkAntibiotic Residues in Eggs and FishHormone Residues in Foods of Animal OriginTHE EFFECT OF PROCESSING ON THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE AND TOXICITY OF FOODS, Zdzislaw E. SikorskiThe Effect of HeatingHealth Impairing Oxidation ProductsUndesirable Effects of Chemical Processing of FatsToxic Compounds in Smoked FoodsThe Effect of Other Chemical ReactionsToxic Residues in Foods After Treatment with FumigantsTOXIC COMPONENTS OF FOOD PACKAGING MATERIALS, Barbara PiotrowskaRegulatory ControlToxic Materials Employed in Processing and PackagingMigration of Toxic ComponentsEPIDEMIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL IMPACT OF TOXINS IN FOODS, Elzbieta KucharskaFoodborne Poisoning and InfectionsSelected Non-Bacterial PoisoningsXenobiotic Poisonings