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Table of Contents Part I: Overview1. DiacylglycerolsPart II: Metabolism of DiacylglycerolSection A: Digestion and Absorption2. Digestion and Absorption of Glycerides3. Digestion and Absorption of DiacylglycerolSection B: Influence on the Utilization of Lipids for Energy Metabolism4. Activation of Lipid Metabolism and Energy Expenditure by Dietary Diacylglycerol5. The Effect of Diacylglycerols on Energy Expenditure and Substrate Utilization in HumansPart III: Health BenefitsSection A: Influence on Postprandial Lipid6. Fate of Hydrolysis Products Originating from Diacylglycerol and Triacylglycerol in the Intestine7. Suppressive Effects of Diacylglycerol Oil on Postprandial Serum Triglyceride Elevation in Animals8. Influence of Diacylglycerol Oil on Postprandial Serum Increase in Triglyceride and Remnant Lipoproteins in HumansSection B: Prevention of Obesity9. Antiobesity Effect of Long-Term Consumption of Dietary Diacylglycerol in Experimental Animal Models10. Clinical Studies Evaluating the Benefits of Diacylglycerol for Managing Excess Adiposity11. Long-Term Clinical Studies of Ad Libitum Diacylglycerol Consumption in Subjects in a Free-Living EnvironmentSection C: Lifestyle-Related Disease12. Long-Term Ingestion of Diacylglycerol Oil Reduces Fasting Serum Triglyceride Levels in Diabetic Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia13. Phytosterols in Diacylglycerol Versus Triacylglycerol Improve Serum Cholesterol and Atherosclerosis Levels14. Studies of Ad Libitum Ingestion of Phytosterol-Enriched Diacylglycerol Oil15. Efficacy and Safety of the Combined Use of Diacylglycerol Oil with Other Cholesterol-Lowering AgentsPart IV: Regulatory Status and Safety16. Current Regulatory Status of Diacylglycerol Oil in North America, the European Union, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and Japan17. Safety Aspects of Diacylglycerol OilPart V: Physiochemical Properties and Application Technologies18. Physiochemical Properties of Diacylglycerol19. Cooking Oil: Cooking Properties and Sensory Evaluation20. Oil in Water Foods: Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing21. Water-in-Oil Type of Emulsion Foods: Margarine, Spreads, and Butter Cream22. Application of Diacylglycerol Oil in Baked Goods, Nutritional Beverages/Bars, Sauces, and GraviesPart VI: Processing Technologies23. Manufacturing Process of Diacylglycerol Oil