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Index page for: Fats in Food Technology

Table of Contents Physical Properties of Fats in Food. Bakery Fats. Cream, Ice Cream and other Water Continuous Emulsions. Hydrogenation And Fractionation (Including Milk Fat). Chocolate and Confectionery Fats. Butter and Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF). Margarine, Spreads and Low Fat Toppings. Emulsifiers And Stabilisers in Fatty Food Systems. Milk Powders and Spray Dried Food Ingredients. Hard, Soft and Processed Cheeses and Fermented Liquid Products. Culinary Fats - Solid And Liquid Frying Oils, Specialty Oils And Flavors Derived From Fats. Frying and Liquid Oils In Processed an Prepared Foods. Bibliography. Index.