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Index page for: Radionuclide Concentrations in Food and the Environment

Table of Contents What are Radionuclides? M. P?schlRadionuclide Sources, J. S. Gaffney and N. A. MarleyRadioactivity in the Air, P. CarnyRadionuclide Concentrations in Water, J. L. Mas, M. Garc?a-Le?n, R. Garc?a-Tenorio, and J. P. Bol?varRadionuclide Concentrations in Soils, G. Manj?n ColladoRadionuclide Transport Processes and Modeling, C. M. VandecasteeleEffects of Radioactivity on Plants and Animals, K. A. HigleyRadionuclides in Foodstuffs and Food Raw Material, P. Froidevaux, T. Dell, and P. TossellRadiation Detection Methods, A. KhaterUnmasking the Illicit Trafficking of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials, S. Thomson, M. Reinhard, M. Colella, and C. TunizRadiation Protection Programs, R. J. Emery and M. A. CharltonRegulations, F. J. Bradley and R. M. PrattFood Irradiation: Microbiological, Nutritional, and Functional Assessment, P. Pinto, S. Cabo Verde, M. Jo?o Trigo, A. Santana, M. L. Botelho, and G. LimaIndex