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Index page for: Absorption and Utilization of Amino Acids, Volume II

Table of Contents VOLUME II: The Biological Utilization of Basic Amino Acids and Cations. Arginine: A Dietary Modifier of Ammonia Detoxification and Pyrimidine Biosynthesis. Lysine-Carnitine Conversion in Rat and Man. Leucine-Tryptophan-Niacin Interrelationships. Amino Acid Metabolism in Total Parenteral Nutrition during Development. Comparative Utilization from Enteral Formula Diets by Humans of Intact Proteins. Amino Acid Derivatives as a Source of Amino Acids in Parenteral Nutrition. Methionine Derivatives as a Nutritional Source of Methionine. Enzyme Digestion and Biological Utilization of Poly-L-Methionyl Proteins. Availability of Amino Acids in Some Tripeptides and Derivatives Present in Dietary Proteins. Species and Isomeric Variation in the Utilization of Amino Acids. Dietary Significance of D-Amino Acids. Effect of Dietary Protein Value on Lactation. Influence of Protein Type in Nutritionally Adequate Diets on the Development of Immunity. Dietary Protein in Atherosclerosis. Dietary Protein Modulation in Serum Cholesterol: The Amino Acid Connection. Endogenous Hypercholesterolemia and Dietary Amino Acids: Sulfur Amino Acids and Glycine. Index.