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Index page for: Hen Eggs: Basic and Applied Science

Table of Contents Structure of Hen Eggs and Physiology of Egg Laying, T. Okubo, S. Akachi, and H. HattaGeneral Chemical Composition of Hen Eggs, S. Sugino, T. Nitoda, and L.R. JunejaNutritive Evaluation of Hen Eggs, M. Guiterrez, H. Takahashi, and L.R. JunejaInsights into the Structure-Function Relationships of Ovalbumin, Ovotransferrin, and Lysozyme, H.R. IbrahimEgg Yolk Lipids, L.R. JunejaGlycochemistry of Hen Eggs, M. KoketshuChemical and Physicochemical Properties of Hen Eggs and Their Application in Foods, H. Hatta, T. Hagi, and K. HiranoEnzymes in Unfertilized Hen Eggs, A. Seko, L.R. Juneja, and T. YamamotoCell Proliferation-Promoting Activities in Unfertilized Eggs, A. Seko and L.R. Juneja Egg Yolk Antibody, IgY and Its Application, H. Hatta, M. Ozeki, and K. TsudaMicrobiology of Eggs, M. Kobayashi, M.A. Gutierrez, and H. Hatta