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Index page for: Cancer Prevention and Management through Exercise and Weight Control

Table of Contents Research MethodsObservational Studies and Intervention Trials in Exercise, Diet, and CancerPrevention Research: Ross L. PrenticePhysical Activity Measurement: Barbara E. Ainsworth and Karen J. ColemanMeasurement of Body Fat and Energy Balance: Melinda IrwinPhysical Activity and Cancer IncidencePhysical Activity and Cancer Incidence: Breast Cancer: Alpa V. Patel and Leslie BernsteinPhysical Activity and Colorectal Cancer: Martha L. SlatteryPhysical Activity and Prostate Cancer Risk: Christine M. FriedenreichMechanisms Associating Physical Activity with Cancer IncidencePhysical Activity Effects on Sex Hormones: Anne McTiernanExercise and Insulin Resistance: Laura Lewis FrankExercise and Immune Function: Catherine M. Wetmore and Cornelia M. UlrichExercise and Prostaglandins: Mar?a Elena Mart?nezMechanisms Associating Obesity with Cancer Incidence: Animal Models: Henry J. Thompson, Weiqin Jiang, and Zongjian ZhuPhysical Activity Intervention Studies in Humans: Anne McTiernanGenetics, Physical Activity, and Cancer: Tuomo RankinenOverweight/Obesity and Cancer IncidenceObesity, Weight Change, and Breast Cancer Incidence: Rachel Ballard-BarbashBody Size, Obesity, and Colorectal Cancer: Martha L. SlatteryEndogenous Hormone Metabolism and Endometrial Cancer: Rudolf Kaaks and Annekatrin LukanovaObesity and Pancreatic Cancer: Dominique S. Michaud and Edward GiovannucciObesity and Overweight in Relation to Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagus: Cathrine Hoyo and Marilie D. GammonMechanisms Associating Obesity with Cancer IncidenceObesity and Sex Hormones: Rudolph Kaaks and Anne McTiernan Obesity and Insulin Resistance: George Blackburn and Belinda WaltmanObesity, Cytokines, and Other Inflammatory Markers: Elisa L. Priest and Timothy S. ChurchMechanisms Associating Physical Activity with Cancer Incidence: AnimalModels: Lisa H. ColbertGenetics, Obesity, and Cancer: Shelley Tworoger and Monica McGrathPhysical Activity and Cancer PrognosisQuality of Life and Fatigue in Breast Cancer : Kerri Winters-Stone and Anna L. SchwartzExercise and Quality of Life in Survivors of Cancer Other Than Breast: Kerry S. Courneya, Kristin L. Campbell, Kristina H. Karvinen, and Aliya B. LadhaPhysical Activity and Physiological Effects Relevant to Prognosis: Page E. Abrahamson and Marilie D. GammonEnergy Balance and Cancer PrognosisBreast Cancer: Pamela J. GoodwinColon, Prostate, and Other Cancers: Cheryl L. RockImplementation Physical Activity and Energy Balance: Mikael FogelholmDiet and Other Means of Energy Balance Control: David Heber and Susan BowermanPopulation-Based Approaches to Increasing Physical Activity: Fiona BullIncorporating Exercise and Diet Recommendations into Primary Care Practice: Nicolaas P. PronkPromoting Physical Activity in Cancer Survivors: Anna L. Schwartz and Kerri Winters-StoneObesity and Early Stage Breast Cancer Outcome: Rowan T. Chlebowski and Michelle L. GellerIncorporating Weight Control into Management of Patients with EarlyBreast Cancer in the U.K.: Michelle Harvie and Anthony HowellIndex