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Index page for: Food Plant Sanitation: Design, Maintenance, and Good Manufacturing Practices

Table of Contents SANITATION REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS Food and Drug Administration (FDA)United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs)Sanitation Performance Standards (SPSs) ReferencesREGULATORY INSPECTION AND CONTROL ACTION Inspection Regulatory Control Action Recall References MICROORGANISMS OF FOOD MANUFACTURING CONCERN Microorganisms Bacterial Requirements Food-Borne Illness Microbiological Control Methods References CONTROL OF LISTERIA IN FOOD MANUFACTURING Listeria Requirements Listeriosis Methods of Listerial Management and Control Ingredients Sanitary Design and Materials References BIOFILMS Biofilm Formation Evidence of BiofilmBiofilm Removal Current Research References SANITARY FACILITY DESIGN The AMI 11 Principles of Sanitary Facility Design Other Facility Considerations for Facility SanitaryDesign The AMI Ten Principles of Sanitary Design Other Considerations for Sanitary Equipment Design Repairs References SANITATION BEST PRACTICES Who Is Responsible for Sanitation? The Cleaning Process References VERIFICATION OF SANITATION Verification Environmental Monitoring of ListeriaReferences EMPLOYEE GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICESRationale for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) Basic Good Manufacturing Practices ReferencesPEST CONTROL AND SANITATION Pests of Concern to Food PlantsPest Control MeasuresConclusionReferencesCHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL HAZARD CONTROL Chemical HazardsPhysical Hazards ReferenceINDEX