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The Chemistry of Cereal Proteins


ISBN10: 849327636
ISBN13: 9780849327636

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $269.95
Pages: 336
Publish date: mei 1995

Presents up-to-date coverage of proteins of agronomically important cereals Reviews recent results in the molecular biology of cereal proteins and their influence on new breeding strategies and on trends in quality control and processing Presents new aspects of function-structure relationships Stresses protein-protein and protein-other cereal compounds interactions Discusses the potential use of cereal protein preparations including nonfood uses 179 illustrations and tables In the past decade, since the first edition was published, the study of cereal protein chemistry has grown and changed. New separation techniques have been introduced while the application of achievements of molecular biology and genetic engineering of proteins has progressed dramatically. This new edition includes these advances and updates the chemistry of cereal proteins for all specialists working in theory and practice of cereal grain production and processing.