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Index page for: Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete - The Anabolic Edge

Table of Contents Proteins and Amino AcidsIntroductionAmino AcidsProtein SynthesisAdaptive Response to ExerciseExercise and Protein MetabolismIntroductionThe HormonesCortisolAnabolic and Anticatabolic Effects of Amino AcidsOther Factors Affecting Protein SynthesisEicosanoids and Muscle Protein SynthesisEnergy MetabolismIntroductionGlycogenolysis and GluconeogenesisUse of AA for Energy - Catabolic Effects of ExerciseAmino Acid Metabolism in Muscle - Pathways of Amino Acid Metabolism in MuscleSkeletal Muscle CatabolismOxidation of Amino AcidsAlanine and GlutamineInterorgan Exchange of Amino AcidsMetabolic Pathways Producing ATPMetabolism of AmmoniaUrea Formation by the LiverDietary Protein and Amino AcidsClassification of ProteinsFunctions of ProteinsCoagulation and DenaturationProtein Digestion, Absorption, and MetabolismRequirement for Dietary ProteinProtein Quality - Amino Acid RequirementsDietary Protein RequirementsThe Glucose-Alanine CycleProtein Foods vs. Protein and Amino Acid SupplementsIntroductionHydrolysates - Comparison to Whole Protein and Intact Whole Protein SupplementsWhey Protein Hydrolysates and the AthleteBV of Whey HydrolysatesWhey Protein - ConclusionsFree Form Amino Acids vs. Di- and TripeptidesA Practical Guide to Commercial Amino Acid PreparationsFactors Affecting Amino Acid BioavailabilityRole of Amino Acid Supplementation in Muscle Hypertrophy and StrengthPhysiological and Pharmacological Actions of Amino AcidsIntroductionCentral Nervous System Effects of Amino AcidsEffects of Amino Acids on Growth Hormone ReleaseHepatoprotectant and Cytoprotective Effects of Amino AcidsRequirement for Dietary Protein - Amino Acid NeedsEssential Amino AcidsThe Branched Chain Amino Acids: Isoleucine, Leucine, and ValineHistidineBuffering Effects of CarnosineLysineL-CarnitineAcetal-L-CarnitineMethionineCreatinine MonohydratePhenylalanineThreonineTryptophanConditionally Essential Amino AcidsArginineArginine and the AthleteL-CysteineCysteine and N-AcetylcysteineGlutamineTyrosineNonessential or Dispensable Amino AcidsAspartic AcidGlutamic AcidOrnithineOrnithine Alpha KetoglutarateSerineGlycineTaurineL-DopaAnalogs and Derivatives of Amino AcidsStep Number One - Naturally AnabolicIntroductionMaximizing Lean Body Mass and Athletic Performance Without DrugsHormonal ManipulationStep Number One - Lifestyle ChangesStep Number Two - Training Without OvertrainingRecovery Phase - Protein Synthesis After ExerciseHormonal Changes With ExerciseMaximizing the Anabolic and Minimizing the Catabolic Effects of ExerciseStep Number Three - Maximizing Diet and NutritionStep Number Four - Nutritional SupplementsBenefits of Nutritional SupplementsVitamins and MineralsOmega-3 Fatty AcidsConjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA)GlycerolPyruvateCaffeine and EphedrineAnti-Cortisol SupplementsAmino Acid and Protein SupplementationWhen and How to Take Them and How Much to TakeCycling of SupplementsSummaryProtein and Amino Acids and Muscle HypertrophySummary and ConclusionReference Books and LettersReferencesIndex