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Amino Acids and Proteins for the Athlete - The Anabolic Edge


ISBN10: 849381932
ISBN13: 9780849381935

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $109.95
Pages: 272
Publish date: augustus 1997

Presents complete basic information on protein and amino acids Explains the effects of high-protein diets Compares the relative values of and evaluates the differences between various types of proteins Considers the advantages of whole and hydrolyzed proteins and amino acids Discusses processes to maximize protein value Protein, and the amino acids of which it is composed, is an important part of athletes' diets, and the subject of a great deal of discussion and controversy. Amino Acids and Protein for the Athlete-The Anabolic Edge is the first single volume devoted to this important topic. In addition to basic information about protein and amino acids, this very timely book describes the anabolic effects of high-protein diets, the values of different food proteins, the differences among various protein foods, the advantages of specific proteins, processes to maximize the value of protein, and the biological and pharmacological effects of certain amino acids. A world-caliber athlete for two decades, Dr. Di Pasquale has won the World Championship and dozens of national and international competitions, including the World Games, Pan American Games, North American Championships, and Canadian Championships, all in the game of powerlifting. Written by this recognized expert on sports nutrition, the book will appeal to both sports professionals who need to maximize strength and endurance and weekend warriors who want to understand the science behind the role of amino acids and protein in athletic performance.