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Index page for: Mint: The Genus Mentha

Table of Contents Mentha: An Overview of its Classification and Relationships, A. O. Tucker and R. F.C. NacziAnatomy, Physiology, Biosynthesis, Molecular Biology, Tissue Culture and Biotechnology of Mint Essential Oil Production, M. Maffei, C. M. Bertea, and M. MucciarelliCommercial Mint Species Grown in the United States, M. A. MorrisThe Cultivation of Mints in India, S. Kumar, S. Pandey-Rai, and S. K. RaiProduction of Mint in China, W. Liu, and B. M. LawrenceThe Distillation of Mint Oils, E.F.K.Denny & B. M. LawrenceThe Composition of Commercially Important Mints, B. M. LawrenceOil Composition of the Other Mentha Species and Hybrids, B. M. LawrenceWorld Production and Quality Control of Mint Oils and Their Commercially Important Isolates, R. M. SheldonNatural and Synthetic Menthol, R. Hopp & B. M. LawrenceThe Genuineness of Mint Oils, B. M. LawrenceBiological and Toxicological Properties of Mint Oils and Their Major Isolates: Safety Assessment, J. R. Hayes, M. Stavanja, and B. M. LawrenceAntimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and Constituents of Mentha Species, S. G. DeansMentha: Economic Uses, A. O. Tucker