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Index page for: Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty

Table of Contents HOW A WOMAN'S BODY RESPONDS To EXERCISETypes of Exercise and How They Effect Older WomenEnvironmental Considerations and Safety? Making the Most of Your Home? Architecture and Design? Inside Considerations: Doors, Floor, Stairs, Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.? Outside Considerations? Home Gyms Drug-Exercise Interactions NUTRITION FACT AND FICTION General Nutrition? Protein Needs? Calcium and Vitamin D Needs? Fat Needs? AntioxidantsPhysical Activity-Nutrient RelationshipNutritional Assessment? Diet Assessment and Food Records? Record Keeping? Nutrition Counseling Practical Nutrition Implementation? Nutrition Guidelines? Your Personal Nutrition Goals? Action Plans? Menu Planning? Food Labels? Tips for Choosing Food Products? Record Keeping? Food Diary ROLE OF EXERCISE AND GOOD NUTRITION IN WOMEN'S HEALTH How to Evaluate New Information on Exercise and Nutrition? Quackery? Solutions, Professionals, Books, Journals, and Organizations Minority Women's Health? Health Problems in Older Minority Women? Barriers to Good Nutrition and Exercise? Strategies for Improving Nutrition and Exercise How to Incorporate Exercise and Good Nutrition as Part of Your Daily Routine? Readiness Quiz? Initiating Change? Problem Solving? Setting Goals Psychological Health, Exercise, and Nutrition Menopause and Sexuality? What It Is? Hormone Changes? Symptoms? Hormone Replacement Obesity? Energy Regulation? Weight Changes? Risks? Treatment? Prevention AGE RELATED DISORDERS: EFFECTS OF EXERCISE AND GOOD NUTRITION Heart Disease and Hypertension Cancer Osteoporosis? What It Is? Risk Profile? How Is It Diagnosed? What Can You Do to Protect Your Bones? Exercise Guidelines? Types of Exercise Diabetes and Glucose Regulation Arthritis Thirst and Dehydration Falls and Balance? Measuring Balance? Measures to Improve Fitness and Balance? Types of ExercisesSleep