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Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty


ISBN10: 849302587
ISBN13: 9780849302589

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $109.95
Pages: 622
Publish date: april 2000

Provides state of the art, referenced information on the relationship of exercise and nutrition to aging, physical, and mental health in older women Includes detailed programs covering all major exercise modalities and the basics of a healthy diet for older women Discusses how exercise and nutrition can prevent or treat many ailments including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, obesity, depression, insomnia, osteoporosis, immune dysfunction and disorders of gait and balance Evaluates health promotion claims of various nutrition and lifestyle programs Exercise, Nutrition and the Older Woman: Wellness for Women Over Fifty is a comprehensive guide to the major wellness issues for women over fifty. The author is a physician who explores diet, exercise and lifestyle choices from a medical perspective. The book assists in the design and implementation of programs to optimize good health and quality of life. Dr. Fiatarone-Singh discusses the unique nutritional issues of the older woman. Her book explains the fundamentals of proper nutrition, emphasizing special calcium, antioxidant, and vitamin D needs. She suggests practical implementations of nutritional guidelines, menu planning and record keeping. The author probes the facts and fictions surrounding exercise. She describes the limitations and potential of a 50-plus woman's work-out regimen and proposes reasonable and necessary fitness goals. The book also covers age-related disorders, how to best utilize the living environment, menopause, and more.