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Index page for: New Ingredients in Food Processing: Biochemistry and Agriculture

Table of Contents AbbreviationsForewordPart One - Manufacture and Properties of Intermediate Food Products (IFPs)INTERMEDIATE FOOD PRODUCT (IFP) STRATEGYIntroductionScientific and Economic EssentialsIllustrating IFP Strategy: Low Calorie FoodsFUNCTIONAL PROPERTIESDefinition and Classification - Role of Functional Properties of Food Components In Sensory QualityProperties of HydrationProperties of Association and StructurisationInterfacial PropertiesEXTRACTION AND TEXTURIZATION PROCESSESExtraction and PurificationProteinsGlycansStructurisation/TexturizationBiochemical Bases of TexturizationTechniques of Thermo-Mechanical and Thermal TexturizationHigh Pressure Texturization ProcessesTexturization Processes Using Chemical MeansPLANT IFPsPlant Proteins PPSGeneral Information and DefinitionsPhysico-Chemical Properties of Plant ProteinsFunctional Properties of Plant Protein Substances (PPS)Biological Properties of Plant Protein Substances (PPSs)Plant Oils and FatsCompositionGeneral Principles of ProcessingProperties and ApplicationsTHE DAIRY INDUSTRYGeneral InformationIFPs Based on Dairy ProteinsProteins Exhibiting Biological Activity: Lactoferrin and LactoperoxidaseLipid IFPsEGG PRODUCTSStructure and Composition of the EggNutritional Value of the EggFunctional PropertiesCurrent Economic DevelopmentsMEAT PRODUCTSGeneral InformationComposition of the CarcassMolecular and Functional Properties of Muscle ProteinsMeat RestructuringPRODUCTS FROM THE SEAStructure of Fish Flesh and SeaweedPreservation TechnologiesHydrolysates: Economic Development of the Protein FractionSurimi and By-ProductsTHE EXPLOITATION OF BY-PRODUCTSWheyGeneral Characteristics of WheyIndustrial Products, Both Modified and Non-ModifiedWhey ProteinsBloodAverage CompositionNutritional and Functional Properties of BloodThe Use of Blood Within The Food IndustryCollagen - GelatinOrigins, Structure and ManufactureClassification and Physico-Chemical Characteristics of GelatinsUses Within The Food IndustryPart Two - Extraction and Modification of BiomoleculesSUGAR CHEMISTRYDefinitions and Functions of CarbohydratesSucroseLactoseParietal CarbohydratesPlant OligosaccharidesPolyols (Sugar alcohols)Intense SweetenersUses of Sweetening Substances in Confectionery and Chocolate-makingSTARCH PRODUCTSIntroductionStarches in the Natural StateModified StarchStarch HydrolysatesInteractions With Other Biochemical ConstituentsUses of Food StarchesHYDROCOLLOIDS AND DIETARY FIBRESDefinitions and ClassificationParietal Plant PolymersPolysaccharides from Seaweed and Micro-OrganismsOther Polysaccharides Used As Food AdditivesFood Utilisation of GlycansLIPOCHEMISTRY - FAT SUBSTITUTESGeneral InformationLipid CrystallisationFatty AcidsGlyceridesPhospholipidsCharacteristics and Functions of EmulsifiersFat SubstitutesAMINO ACIDS - PEPTIDESProduction and Use of Amino AcidsPeptidesPIGMENTS AND AROMASNatural PigmentsChlorophyllsCarotenoids and XanthophyllsFlavonoids and By-ProductsOther CompoundsAromasGeneral Information - DefinitionsDifferent Classes of Aroma - Physico-Chemical CharacteristicsFormulation and Manufacture of FormulationsBibliographyIndex