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Index page for: Personalized Nutrition: Principles and Applications

Table of Contents Scientific Principles of Personalized Nutrition Nutrigenomics and Transcriptomics: Applications of Microarray Analyses in Nutrition Research, L.A. Afman and M. M?llerExploring the Proteome for Markers of Health, M. Rist and H. DanielMetabolomics and the Personalized Metabolic Signature, M.J Gibney, M. Walsh, and L. BrennanNutrition, Genomics, and Cardiovascular Disease Risk, J.M. Ordovas and D. CorellaNutrigenomics and Chronic Inflammation, L.R. Ferguson and M. PhilpottPersonalized Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes, H.G. JoostToward Personalized Nutrition for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, J.C. MathersNutrigenomics and Angiogenesis in Obesity, A. Dembinska-KieMetabolic Programming during Pregnancy: Implications for Personalized Nutrition, S.C. Langley-EvansTaste as the Gatekeeper of Personalized Nutrition, T. Tanaka, D. Reed, and J.M. OrdovasPersonalized Nutrition and Public Health, P. van't Veer, E.J.M. Feskens, and E. KampmanPersonalized Nutrition and Stakeholders in SocietyImminent Applications of Nutrigenomics: A stakeholder analysis, J.T. WinklerThe Personal Factor in Nutrition Communication, L.I. Bouwman, M.A. Koelen, and G.J. HiddinkA Marketing and Consumer Behavior Perspective on Personalized Nutrition, H.CM van Trijp and A. RonteltapU.S. Consumer Attitudes Toward Personalized Nutrition, D.B. Schmidt, C. White, W. Reinhardt Kapsak, J. Conway, and E. BailyEthics of Personalized Nutrition, M. KorthalsThe Future of Personalized Nutrition International Efforts on Nutrigenomic Health for Individuals in the Global Community, J. KaputThe Future of Foods, H.J. Watzke and J.B. GermanIndex