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Modifying Bitterness: Mechanism, Ingredients, and Applications


ISBN10: 1566764912
ISBN13: 9781566764919

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $239.95
Pages: 354
Publish date: april 1997

o Information on bitterness modification in foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products through formulation and processing o An extensive, science-based examination of the bitterness perception mechanism o Practical applications for formulating a wide range of products Only recently has bitterness control become of commercial importance to a food or pharmaceutical formulation chemist. Over the years, an increasing interest in more palatable food and beverage products with low fat and low sugar content has arisen, thus creating a market need for the control of bitterness perception. This is the first, comprehensive treatment of this subject in book form. Organized primarily by ingredients or processing approaches affecting the bitter taste reduction or inhibition, this thorough review includes an in-depth and thoroughly referenced review of mechanisms, ingredients and applications of bitter taste reduction or inhibition.