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Table of Contents FOOD PLANT SANITATION An Overview of FDA's Food Regulatory Responsibilities, Y.H. Hui Foodborne Diseases in the United States, P. Michael Davidson The FDA's, GMPs, HACCP, and the Food Code, Y.H. Hui, Wai-Kit Nip, and J. Richard Gorham Food Plant Inspections, Alfred J. St. Cyr FOOD CONTAMINANTSHard or Sharp Foreign Objects in Food, Alan R. Olsen and Michael L. ZimmermanFilth and Extraneous Material in Food, Michael L. Zimmerman, Alan R. Olsen, and Sharon L. Friedman Feed Defect Action Levels, John S. Gecan Analysis of Drug Residues in Food, Sherri B. TurnipseedCLEANING A FOOD PLANT Cleaning and Sanitizing a Food Plant, Peggy Stanfield Water in Food Processing, Chun-Shi Wang, James Swi-Bea Wu, and Philip Cheng-Ming Chang Water and HACCP Programs, Yu Ping Wei, James Swi-Bea Wu, and Philip Cheng-Ming Chang Water Use in the Beverage Industry, Daniel W. BenaSanitation of Food Processing Equipment, Peggy Stanfield WORKERS IN A FOOD PROCESSING PLANTWorkers' Personal Hygiene, Tin Shing Chao Worker Safety and Regulatory Requirements, Tin Shing Chao Worker Training in Sanitation and Personal Safety, Tin Shing ChaoWorker Safety and Types of Food Establishments, Peggy Stanfield HOUSEKEEPING IN A FOOD PROCESSING PLANTRodent Pest Management, Robert M. Corrigan Insects and Mice, Linda Mason Pest Birds: Biology and Management at Food Processing Facilities, John B. Gingrich and Thomas E. Osterberg Stored-Product Insect Pest Management and Control, Franklin Arthur and Thomas W. PhillipsQUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAMSAn Informal Look at Food Plant Sanitation Programs, Jerry W. HeapsSanitation and Warehousing, Y.H. Hui, Wai-Kit Nip, and J. Richard Gorham Metal Detection, Andrew Lock Packaging, Michael A. Mullen and Sharon V. MoweryHACCP AND PRODUCT PROCESSING Beverage Plant Sanitation and HACCP, Henry C. Carsberg Cereal Food Plant Sanitation, Gregory A. Umland, A. Jay Johnson, and Cheryl Santucci Plant Sanitation and HACCP for Fruit Processing, Andi Sahu-mei Ou, Wen-zhe Hwang, and Sheng-dun Lin Sanitation in Grain Storage and Handling, Michael D. Toews and Bhadriraju SubramanyamSanitation and Safety for a Fats and Oils Processing Plant, Richard D. O'Brien Poultry Processing, Product Sanitation, and HACCP, T.C. Chen and Ping-Lieh Thomas Wang Seafood Processing: Basic Sanitation Practices, Peggy Stanfield RETAIL FOOD SANITATION Retail Food Sanitation: Prerequisites to HACCP, Peggy Stanfield Retail Food Processing: Reduced Oxygen Packaging, Smoking, and Curing, Y.H. Hui FEDERAL ENFORCEMENT AND FOOD SAFETY PROGRAMSFDA Enforcement and Food Plant Sanitation, Peggy StanfieldA Review of U.S. Food Safety Policies and Programs, Tin Shing Chao APPENDIX A: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Good Manufacturing PracticesAPPENDIX B: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Principles and Application Guidelines APPENDIX C: Food Code 2001 (Table of )APPENDIX D: The Handbook of Food Defect Action Levels INDEX