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Index page for: Meat Science and Applications

Table of Contents Meat science - chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology: meat composition, postmortem muscle chemistry, meat colour, flavours of meat products, analytical methods, meat biotechnology. Meat safety: microbiology of meats, meat safety, drug residues in meat - emerging issues. Slaughtering and carcass processing: antemortem handling and welfare, slaughtering and processing equipment, carcass processing -factors affecting quality, carcass processing - quality controls, electrical inputs and meat processing. Processing meats: meat and meat products, spices and flavourings for meat and meat products, intermediate-moisture meat and dehydrated meat, manufacturing of reduced-fat, low-fat and fat-free emulsion sausage, meat packaging - protection, preservation and presentation, meat curing technology, meat smoking technology, meat canning technology, meat fermentation technology. Meat production, byproducts, workers' safety and waste management: meat production, meat co-products, occupational safety, waste management.