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Index page for: Handbook of Natural Toxins: Food Poisoning

Table of Contents Public health problems - public health problems of foodborne diseases and their prevention, Frank L. Bryan, bacterial origin - staphylococcal intoxication in mass feeding, Merlin S. Bergdoll, salmonellae in eggs, richard K. Gast, et al, escherichia coli gastroenteritis - food and waterborne infections, Peter Echeverria, et al, clostridium perfringens gastroenteritis, Ronald G. Labbe, bacillus cereus gastroenteritis, John M. Kramer and Richard J. Gilbert, cholera infection and poisoning, Charles A. Kaysner, botulism in home-processed foods, John N. Sofos, plant and fungal origin - mushroom poisons, Heinz Faulstich and Theodor Wieland, the toxicology of alkaloids in foods and herbs, Ryan J. Huxtable, toxicology of plant lectins, Werner G. Jaffe and Dinah S. Seidle, mycotoxins in foods, Suresh S. Dhumal and Dattajirao K. Salunkhe, allergy - food allergies, Tracy J. Barman, et al, cereal allergies and intolerances, Klaus Lorenz, seafood - symptoms and treatment of common seafood poisonings, Joseph I. Smith, analytical methods for marine toxins, James M. Hungerford and Marleen, M. Wekell, goiter - naturally occurring goitrogens, Pavel Langer and Nikolaj Michajlovskij, teratogeny - natural teratogens in food and drugs, James L. Schardein, antibiotics - antibiotic residues in foods, Irtaza H. Siddique, others - nitrosamines and food poisoning, Nrisinha P. Sen.