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Index page for: Lawrie's meat science, Seventh Edition

Table of Contents INTRODUCTIONMeat and muscle. Origin of animal meats.FACTORS INFLUENCING GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF MEAT ANIMALSGeneral. Genetic aspects. Environmental physiology. Nutritional aspects. Exogenous manipulation.STRUCTURE AND GROWTH OF MUSCLEProportion of muscular tissue in sheep, cattle and pigs. Structure. Growth of normal muscle. Abnormal growth and development in muscle.CHEMICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL CONSTITUTION OF MUSCLEGeneral chemical aspects. Biochemical aspects. Factors reflected in specialized muscle function and constitution.CONVERSION OF MUSCLE TO MEATPre-slaughter handling. Death of the animal. General consequences of circulatory failure.SPOILAGE OF MEAT BY INFECTING ORGANISMSInfection. Symptoms of spoilage. Factors affecting the growth of meat-spoilage organisms. Prophylaxis.STORAGE AND PRESERVATION OF MEAT: TEMPERATURE CONTROLRefrigeration. Thermal processing.STORAGE AND PRESERVATION OF MEAT: MOISTURE CONTROLDehydration. Freeze drying. Curing.STORAGE AND PRESERVATION OF MEAT: DIRECT MICROBIAL INHIBITIONIonizing radiation. Antibiotics. Chemical preservatives.EATING QUALITY OF MEATColour. Water-holding capacity and juiciness. Texture and tenderness. Odour and taste.MEAT AND HUMAN NUTRITIONEssential nutrients. Toxins and residues. Meat-eating and health.PREFABRICATED MEATManipulation of conventional meat. Non-meat sources. Upgrading abattoir waste.