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Index page for: Sports Drinks: Basic Science and Practical Aspects

Table of Contents Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition: Application to Sports Drinks, Ronald J. MaughamWater Turnover and Regulation of Fluid Balance, Susan M. Shirreffs and Ronald J. MaughanPhysiological and Psychological Detriments of Fluid Intake, Dennis H. PasseGastric Emptying and Intestinal Absorption of Fluids, Carbohydrates, and Electolytes, John B. LeiperPhysiological Responses to Fluid Intake During Exercise, Ronald J. MaughanMetabolic and Performance Responses to Carbohydrate Intake During Exercise, Luis F. Arag?n-VargasPost-Exercise Rehydration and Recovery, Susan M. ShirreffsFormulating Carbohydrate-Electrolyte Drinks for Optimal Efficacy, Robert Murray and John R. StofanOther Ingredients: Role in the Nutrition of Athletes, Craig A. HorswillDiscussion Among Authors, Luis F. Arag?n-Vargas, Craig A. Horswill, John B. Leiper, Ronald J. Maughan, Robert Murray, Dennis H. Passe, Susan M. Shirreffs, and John R. Stofan