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Sports Drinks: Basic Science and Practical Aspects


ISBN10: 849370086
ISBN13: 9780849370083

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 304
Publish date: september 2000

Provides information that is easy to apply Discusses the physiological response to the ingestion of fluids Expands on the role of drinks in optimizing performance Can sports drinks improve the way you play and exercise? Athletes-both competitive and recreational-turn to the consumption of sports drinks to optimize their performance. A volume in the Nutrition in Exercise and Sports Series, Sports Drinks: Basic Science and Practical Aspects provides a review of current knowledge on issues relating to the formulation and consumption of these popular drinks. The only single volume that addresses these subjects, this text also covers in depth the science that underpins the physiological, biochemical and nutritional roles of the sports beverage.