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Index page for: Vitamin E in Health and Disease: Biochemistry and Clinical Applications

Table of Contents NATURAL OCCURRENCE AND TISSUE LEVELS Plants Natural Sources of Tocotrienols, Augustine S. H. Ong Analysis and Distribution of Vitamin E in Vegetable Oils and Foods, Alan J. Sheppard, John L. Weihrauch, and Jean A.T. Pennington Animals and Humans Absorption, Transport and Delivery to Tissues, Maret G. Traber, William Cohn, and David P. R. Muller Interrelationships of Vitamin E with Other Nutrients, Harold H. Draper Effects of ?-Carotene and Related Caritenoids on Vitamin E, Shirley R. Blakely, Geraldine V. Mitchell, Mamie Leah Young Jenkins, and Erich Grundel CHEMISTRY, BIOCHEMISTRY, AND CELL BIOLOGY Chemical Reactions, Antioxidant Action, and Biomembranes Pulse Radioysis as a Tool in Vitamin E Research, Wolf Bors, Manfred Saran, and Christs Michel Peroxyl Radical Trapping Reactions of Alpha-Tocopherol in Biomimetic Systems, Daniel C. Liebler Synthesis and Kinetic Study of Antioxidant and Prooxidant Actions of Vitamin E Derivatives, Kazou Mukai Rates and Products of Reactions of Vitamin E with Oxygen Radicals, Etsuo Niki and Mitsuyoshi Matsuo Relative Importance of Vitamin E in Antiperoxidative Defenses in Human Blood Plasma and Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), Balz B. Frei and Bruce N. Ames Scavenging of Singlet Molecular Oxygen by Tocopherols, Helmut Sies, Stephan Kaiser, Paulo Di Mascio, and Michael E. Murphy Relationship Between Vitamin E and a More Electronegatively Charged LDL of Human Plasma, Gabriele Bittolo-Bon, Giuseppe Cazzolato, and Pietro Avogaro The Role of Vitamin E in Blood and Cellular Aging, Shiro Urano Pharamacology Biokinetics of Vitamin E Using Deuterated Tocopherols, Graham W. Burton and Keith U. Ingold Vitamin E Status of Exotic Animals Compared with Livestock and Domestics, Ellen S. Dierenfeld and Maret G. Traber Alpha-Tocopherol and Protein Kinase C Regulation of Intracellular Signaling, Angelo Manfredo Azzi, Gianna Bartoli, Daniel Boscoboinik, Carmel Hensey, and Adam Szewczyk Vitamin E Action in Modulating the Arachidonic Acid Cascade, David G. Cornwell and Rao V. Panganamala The Safety of Oral Intake of Vitamin E: Data from Clinical Studies from 1986 to 1991, Adrianne Bendich and Lawrence J. Machlin Reduction in the Toxicity of Doxorubicin (Adriamycin) in the Heart by Vitamin E, Jos? Milei and Susana Llesuy PATHOPHYSIOLOGICAL CONDITIONS AND VITAMIN E Metabolism and Aging Vitamin E and the Aging Process, Abraham Z. Reznick, Bruce Rappaport, Sharon V. Landvik, Irene Simon-Schnass, and Lester Packer Vitamin E and High-Altitude Exercise, Irene Simon-Schnass Significance of Vitamin E for the Athlete, Lester Packer, Abraham Z. Reznick, Irene Simon-Schnass, and Sharon V. Landvik Plasma Alpha-Tocopherol and Ubiquinone and Their Relations to Muscle Function in Healthy Humans and in Cardiac Diseases, Jan Karlsson, Bertil Diamant, Henning Theorell, Kurt Johansen, and Karl Folkers Cancer Effects of Vitamin E on Oral Carcinogenesis and Oral Cancer, Gerald Shklar and Joel L. Schwartz Epidemiology of Vitamin E: Evidence for Anticancer Effects in Humans, Paul Knekt Antitumor Activity of Tocotrienols, Kanki Komiyama and Masakazu Yamaoka Impact of Palm Oil on Experimental Carcinogenesis, Charles E. Elson Immunity and Disease Resistance Vitamin E and Immune Response, Simin Nikbin Meydani and Robert P. Tengerdy MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Dermatology Vitamin E in Dermatological Therapy, Jurgen Fuchs and Lester Packer Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10 in Normal Human Skin and in Basal Cell Epitheliomas, Luigi Rusciani, Giuseppina Petrelli, and Silvio Lippa Vitamin E in Skin: Antioxidant and Prooxidant Balance, Eric Witt, Valerian E. Kagan, and Lester Packer Neurology Vitamin E and Parkinson's Disease, Lawrence I. Golbe and J. William Langston Vitamin E Therapy in Neurological Diseases, Tuomas Westermarck, Erkki Antila, and Faik Atroshi Effects of Palm Oil Vitamin E on Atherogenesis, Erkki Antila, Faik Atroshi, and Tuomas Westermarck Vitamin E Deficiency and Neurological Disorders, Ronald J. Sokol Effects of Vitamin E and Its Derivative on Posttraumatic Epilepsy and Seizures, Akitane Mori, Isao Yokoi, and Hideaki Kabuto Pediatrics Vitamin E in the Newborn, Sunil Sinha and Malcolm Chiswick FUTURE PERSPECTIVES