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Index page for: Food Intolerance and the Food Industry

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION, T. Dean, The David Hyde Asthma and Allergy Research CenterBackgroundTerminologyMechanisms of food intolerance and food allergyMechanisms of oral intoleranceSummaryReferencesTHE LEGAL CONTEXT: DUE DILIGENCE, M. Law, Law Laboratories Limited Introduction: The law and food intoleranceThe legal background: The Food Safety Act 1990The legal background: LabellingThe legal background: The control of food manufactureGeneral product safetyCivil remedies: The Consumer Protection ActDue diligenceThe practical application of 'due diligence' to allerginicityThe futureSummaryDIAGNOSTIC TESTS, B.J. Bateman, The David Hide Asthma and Allergy Research CenterIntroductionThe clinical history and examinationDiagnostic testsFood challengesSkin testingPatch testingLaboratory testsOther useful testsUnproven and inappropriately-applied testsSummaryReferencesSYMPTOMS OF FOOD INTOLERANCE, J.O. Hourihane, Institute of Child Health and Great Ormond State HospitalIntroductionHow to distinguish intolerance from allergyOral allergy syndromeEvolution of allergic reactionsClinical categorization of allergic reactionsAnaphylaxisOther symptoms of food-related diseaseSummarySources of information and adviceWebsites and addressesReferencesTHE TREATMENT OF FOOD INTOLERANCE, S.H. Arshad Introduction: The range of treatmentsAvoidance therapyHypoallergenic foodDrug treatmentTreating the immediate symptomsTreatment of common food allergic diseasesSummary: Trends in treatmentReferencesSOURCES OF INFORMATION AND LABELING, F. Angus, Leatherhead Food Research AssociationIntroductionThe UK Food Intolerance BankThe Dutch Food Intolerance BankEuropean food intolerance databanksOther international databanksFood labelling in Europe: An outlineCurrent and proposed labelling requirements for ingredients causing hypersensitivityFuture labelling trendsSources of further information and adviceANALYTICAL TECHNIQUES FOR DETECTING FOOD ALLERGENS, S. Kilburn, Southampton General HospitalIntroductionThe physical and chemical nature of food allergensPrinciples of food allergen techniquesProcessing and effects on allergenicitySummaryReferencesHANDLING FOOD ALLERGENS IN RETAIL AND MANUFACTURING, J. Hignett, Nestle UK Ltd.IntroductionIdentification of allergensGood manufacturing practiceControl of Allergens throughout the supply chainOther initiativesKey aspects of legislation from a manufacturing viewLabelling and promotionAdditional communication initiativesSummaryReferencesSources of further information and adviceSupport Organizations for Individuals with Food Intolerance, D. Reading, The Anaphylaxis CampaignIntroductionCurrent support organizationsCollaboration with governmentsCollaboration with the food industry: Retaill and manufacturingThe use of disclaimers on food labelsThe catering industryCoeliac diseaseResearch into allergy and intoleranceSummarySources of further information and advice