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Index page for: Scientific Evidence for Musculoskeletal, Bariatric, and Sports Nutrition

Table of Contents (Consider omitting the portion of the titles which follows the colon, if this is helpful for formatting)FRONTIERS AND TECHNOLOGIC ADVANCESBody Composition: Quantifying the Musculoskeletal System, I. JanssenNutrigenomics: Strategic Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders of Aging, J. BlandEarly Environments: Fetal and Infant Nutrition, S.W. Chan, and G. PereiraKEY NUTRIENTSFat, M.G. Enig, and I. KohlstadtCarbohydrate, J.D. BagnuloProtein, D.I. MinkoffAntioxidants, G.K. Harris and D.J. BaerWater: A Driving Force in the Musculoskeletal System, F. Batmanghelidj and I. KohlstadtMagnesium, A. Buford-MasonVitamin D, M.F. HolickChromium: Roles in the Regulation of Lean Body Mass and Body Weight, R.A. Anderson FAT TISSUEEnergy Balance, W.C. MillerNeuroendocrine Regulation of Appetite, C. Contoreggi and I. KohlstadtEstrogen's Role in the Regulation of Appetite and Body Fat, P.J. Geiselman and S.R. SmithChildhood Obesity, A.D. Salbe, M.B. Schwartz, and I. KohlstadtBariatric Surgery: More Effective with Nutrition, I. KohlstadtMalnutrition: Applying the Physiology of Food Restriction to Clinical Practice, A.S. Dweck MUSCLE TISSUEMuscle Atrophy, K.R. ShortMuscle Strain, I. Kohlstadt, E. Schweitzer, K. Mutter, and L.B. GodwinMuscle Hypertrophy, S.E.AlwaySOFT TISSUEOsteoarthritis, L. Mischley and D. MusnickFibromyalgia, J. TeitelbaumGout, T. HelmanOral Markers of Tissue Health, H. Luechauer and K. PolesonBONE Bone Nutrition, S.E. BrownOsteoporosis, J.J. LambFractures, C. Nadelson and K.B. GebkePHYSICAL STRESSPreparing for Orthopedic Surgery, V. Joseph and I. KohlstadtXenobiotics: Managing Toxic Metals, Biocides, Hormone Mimics, Solvents and Chemical Disruptors, R. JaffeErgogenics: Maintaining Performance during Physical Stress, L.R. BucciTerrestrial Extremes: Nutritional Considerations for High Altitude and Cold and Hot Climates, M.A. Pikosky and A.J. Young