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Index page for: Food Safety Control in the Poultry Industry

Table of Contents Bacterial Infection of Eggs, R.K. Gast Bacterial Contamination of Poultry as a Risk to Human Health, N.A. Cox, L.J. Richardson, J.S. Bailey, D.E. Cosby, J.A. Carson, and M.T. Musgrove Detecting and Controlling Veterinary Drug Residues in Poultry and Eggs, V. Hagren, P. Peippo, and T. Lovgren Modelling Risks from Antibiotic and Other Residues in Poultry and Eggs, D.J. DonoghuePathogen Populations on Poultry Farms, R.H. DaviesCatching, Transporting, and Lairage of Live Poultry, D.B. Tinker and C.H. Burton Ensuring the Safety of Poultry Feed, S.C. Ricke The Effective Control of Salmonella in Swedish Poultry, S. Sternberg Lewerin, S. Boqvist, B. Engstrom, and P. HaggblomThe Use of Probiotics to Control Foodborne Pathogens in Poultry, G.C. Mead The HACCP Concept and Its Application in Primary Production, D.J. MacDonald Microbial Risk Assessment in Poultry Production and Processing, L. KellyTechniques for Reducing Pathogens in Eggs, B.W. Sheldon Improving Slaughter and Processing Technologies, J.A. Byrd and S.R. McKee Refrigeration and the Safety of Poultry Meat, S.J. James Sanitation in Poultry Processing, J.W. Arnold HACCP in Poultry Processing, P.A. Curtis On-line Physical Methods for Decontaminating Poultry Meat, C. James Microbial Treatments to Reduce Pathogens in Poultry Meat, P.L. Connerton and I.F. Connerton Irradiation of Poultry Meat, J. FarkasRapid Detection and Enumeration of Pathogens on Poultry Meat, S.M. Russell Modified Atmosphere Packaging and the Safety of Poultry Meat, P.N. Skandamis, E.T. Tsigarida, and G.J.E. NychasHandling Poultry and Eggs in the Kitchen, C.J. Griffith and E.C. Redmond