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Index page for: Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer

Table of Contents Diet Formulation and Experimental Design in Toxicology and Cancer Research: Human Studies. Diet Formulation and Experimental Design for Laboratory Animal Studies. Nutrition and Hepatic Xenobiotic Metabolism. Nutrition and Extrahepatic Metabolism. Nutrition and Gut Flora Metabolism. Diet and Sex Hormone Metabolism. Toxic Metals: Influence of Macromolecular Dietary Components on Metabolism and Toxicity. Toxic Metals: Interaction With Essential Metals. Nutritional Teratogenesis. Diet and Mutagenesis. Nutrition and Immune Status. Diet and Cancer: Evidence and Mechanisms-An Adaptation Argument. Calories and Carcinogenesis-Modulation By Growth Factors. Nutrition and Cancer-Fat. Dietary Protein and Carcinogenesis. Dietary Fiber and Colon Cancer. Dietary Minerals and Colorectal Cancer. Vitamins and Cancer. 568 pp., 6x9, 1991, ISBN 0-8493-8812-0.