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Index page for: Herbs, Botanicals and Teas

Table of Contents PrefaceSeries Editor's PrefaceList of ContributorsGarlic Constituents and Disease Prevention, A. Nagpurkar, J. Peschell, and B. J. HolubChemistry and Pharmacology of Ginseng and Ginseng Products, D. D. KittsChemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Applications of Echinacea Products, R. BauerGinger for Drug and Spice Purposes, H. KikuzakiChemistry and Pharmacology of Fenugreek, Y. Sauvaire, P. Petit, Y. Baissac and G. RibesChemistry, Pharmacology and Clinical Applications of St. John's Wort and Ginkgo Biloba, G. Mazza and B. D. OomahValerian, Saw Palmetto and Goldenseal as Herbal Medicines, S. Diamond and G. H. N. TowersEvening Primrose Oil: Pharmacological and Clinical Applications, C. L. Broadhurst and M. WintherTea as a Source of Dietary Antioxidants with a Potential Role in Prevention of Chronic Diseases, D. A. Balentine and I. Paetau-RobinsonBilberries and Blueberries as Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, M. E. CamireLicorice in Foods and Herbal Drugs: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Uses, Z. Y. Wang, M. Athar and D. R. BickersRegulation of Herbal and Tea Products: International Perspectives, P. V. HegartyQuality Assurance and Control for the Herbal and Tea Industry, P. Fedec and P. P. Kolodziejczyk