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Index page for: Physique, Fitness, and Performance, Second Edition

Table of Contents BODY BUILD AND BODY COMPOSITIONPHYSIQUE, FITNESS, AND PERFORMANCEIntroduction Physique: The Morphological Components Conditioning and Training: The Physical Fitness ComponentsAbility and Skill: The Motor ComponentsNutrient and Energy Utilization: The Metabolic ComponentsPhysical PerformancePhysique, Exercise, Nutrition, and Heart DiseaseBODY BUILD AND BODY BUILD INDICESIntroductionBody Types Somatotypes Anthropometric SomatotypesBody Build and Physical PerformanceBody Size and Body ProportionsDysplasia Type IndicesBody Build IndicesBody Build Indices and BiomechanicsBody Build Indices and Physical PerformanceBODY FAT AND FAT FREE COMPOSITIONIntroductionDirect and Indirect Method of MeasureDensitometry and HydrometryTotal Nitrogen and Total Body PotassiumComputed Tomography and Magnetic ResonanceElectrical Conductivity and UltrasoundInfrared Interactance and photon Absorptiometry Air Displacement Plethysmography: Body PodAnthropometric Methods of MeasureBody Composition and Physical PerformancePHYSICAL AND PSYSIOLOGICAL CONDITIONINGMUSCULAR STRENGTH AND MUSCULAR ENDURANCEIntroductionMuscle Structure and Muscle Contraction Muscle Fiber TypesMuscular Strength and Muscular Endurance DeterminantsStrength Training Principles and PracticesMuscular Strength and Muscular Endurance Training ProgramsFlexibilityEffects of Resistance Training ProgramsAEROBIC AND ANAEROBIC CONDITIONINGIntroductionPhosphagen or Adenosine Triphosphate - Creatine Phosphate SystemFast Glycolytic or Lactic Acid SystemSlow Glycolytic or Oxidative SystemMuscle Fiber TypesPrinciples of Training Training ProgramsEffects of Cardiovascular Training ProgramsPre-Entrance Program ConsiderationsMOTOR LEARNING AND MOTOR CONTROLMOTOR LEARNING AND MOTOR CONTROLIntroductionGenerality and SpecificityGeneral Motor AbilitySpecific Motor AbilityMotor ControlClosed and Open Loop Motor Learning Closed and Open Loop Motor Learning StudiesDynamic and Exploratory Motor Learning Approaches Practice and Motor Learning Motor Ability and Motor LearningFATIGUE AND PHYSICAL PERFORMANCEIntroduction Fatigue and Physical Performance: Past Perspectives Physiological Causes of Fatigue Central Nervous System FailurePeripheral Neuromuscular FatigueFatigue and Motor LearningEXERCISE, NUTRITION, AND HEART DISEASEEXERCISE AND NUTRITIONIntroductionsCarbohydratesFats ProteinsVitamins and MineralsWaterCarbohydrate and Fat Utilization in ExerciseProtein and PerformanceVitamin and Mineral Utilization in ExerciseWater and ExerciseNUTRITION AND HEART DISEASEIntroductionLipids and LipoproteinsAtherosclerosis and Heart DiseaseCholesterol: Norm Levels and Risk AssessmentCholesterol Reduction: Nutritional InterventionDietary Goals and Dietary GuidelinesCholesterol: Norm Levels and Risk AssessmentMajor Risk FactorsThe Metabolic Syndrome Biochemical Risk FactorsOBESITY AND HEART DISEASEIntroductionObesity TypesCauses of ObesityHeight-Weight TablesHeight-Weight RatiosFrame SizeObesity and Heart DiseaseAPPENDICESThe Heath-Carter Anthropometric Somatotype: Measurement and AssessmentBody Size and Body Proportions: Measurement and AssessmentBody Composition: Measurement and AssessmentResistance Exercises: Description and AssessmentAerobic and Anaerobic Conditioning: Assessment and ClassificationEstimated Daily Calorie Needs - Dietary Goals -Dietary Guidelines -Food Guide List, Vitamin and Mineral Guide Lists