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Index page for: Handbook of Fat Replacers

Table of Contents Fundamental IssuesIssues in Fat Replacement, S.A. JonesImplications of Fat Reduction in the Diet, D.L. Miller and B.J. RollsMarket Considerations in Fat Replacement, J.N. YoungPhysical, Chemical, and Sensory Aspects of Fat Replacement, S.A. JonesLegislative Implications of Fat Replacement, J. SmithFat Replacers and Their PropertiesStarch-Derived Fat Mimetics: Maltodextrins, S. RollerStarch-Derived Fat Mimetics from Potato, J. HarkemaFiber-Based Fat Mimetics: Microcrystalline Cellulose, W.M. HumphreysFiber-Based Fat Mimetics: Methylcellulose Gums, P. De Mariscal and D. BellFiber-Based Fat Mimetics: Pectin, B.U. NielsenMicroparticulated Proteins as Fat Mimetics, N.S. SingerThe Use of Hydrocolloid Gums as Fat Mimetics, S.M. CleggThe Role of Emulsifiers in Low-Fat Food Products, E. FlackThe Role of the Bulking Agent Polydextrose in Fat Replacement, H.L. MichellThe Use of Blends as Fat Mimetics: Gelatin/Hydrocolloid Combinations, G. MuyldermansLow-Calorie Fats and Synthetic Fat Substitutes, B.G. SwansonAppendixClassified List of Fat Replacers and Their Applications, S.A. JonesIndex