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Index page for: Functional Food Carbohydrates

Table of Contents Cereal -Glucans: Structure, Physical Properties, and Physiological Functions, A. Lazaridou, C. G. Biliaderis, and M. S. IzydorczykResistant Starch, Donald B. ThompsonKonjac Glucomannan, K. Nishinari and S. GaoSeed Polysaccharide Gums, S. W. Cui, S. Ikeda, and M.N.A. EskinMicrobial Polysaccharides, I. Giavasis and C. G. BiliaderisChitosan as a Dietary Supplement and a Food Technology Agent, R.A.A. Muzzarelli and C. MuzzarelliArabinoxylans: Technologically and Nutritionally Functional Plant Polysaccharides, M. S. Izydorczyk and C. G. BiliaderisCarbohydrates and the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, G. ?nningCarbohydrates and Obesity, G. Woodward-Lopez, D. E. Gerstein, L. D. Ritchie, and S.E. FlemingDietary Carbohydrates and Risk of Cancer, J. SlavinThe Role of Carbohydrates in the Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes, K. Poutanen, D. Laaksonen, K. Autio, H. Mykk?nen, and L. NiskanenCarbohydrates and Mineral Metabolism, D.D. Kitts.Dietary Carbohydrates as Mood and Performance Modulators, L. ChristensenCarbohydrates and Gastrointestinal Tract Function, B.O. SchneemanProbiotics, Prebiotics, and Synbiotics: Functional Ingredients for Microbial Management Strategies, G.C.M. RouzaudPotential Use of Carbohydrates as Stabilizers and Delivery Vehicles of Bioactive Substances in Foods, P. Forssell, P. Myll?rinen, P. Hakala, and K. PoutanenFood Regulations: Health Claims for Foods Fortified with Carbohydrates or Other Nutraceuticals, J. Zawistowski