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Index page for: Food Hypersensitivity and Adverse Reactions: A Practical Guide for Diagnosis and Management

Table of Contents Basic science mechanisms: mast cells and basophils - basic biology and roles in gastrointestinal diseases, humeral and cellular immunity, antigen absorption and the gut barrier, food allergens. Etiologic factors: cow's milk allergy, adverse reactions to food additives, cross-reactive and hidden allergies, allergylike intoxications from foods. clinical manifestations: food allergy perception and reality, delayed and non-IgE-mediated reactions, cutaneous manifestations of hypersensitivity and adverse reactions to food, anaphylaxis, gastrointestinal manifestations of food allergy, neurological manifestations of adverse food reactions, exercise-induced anaphylaxis, unusual presentations, psychological manifestations. Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment: psychological manifestations in idiopathic environmental intolerance (foods), challenge procedures for the diagnosis of adverse food reactions, laboratory diagnosis of food allergy, unproven methods of diagnosis and treatment of food allergy. Management of food allergies: the management and prevention of food allergies, food allergies and their implications in diets and nutrition, milk-free, egg-free, corn-free, wheat-free diets, hypoallergenic formulas, available patient resources.