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Index page for: Proteins and Non-protein Nitrogen in Human Milk

Table of Contents OVERVIEW. Overview: The Biochemistry of Nitrogen Components in Human Milk and Their Physiological Significance. PROTEINS IN HUMAN MILK. Casein Micelles and Casein Subunits in Human Milk. Whey Proteins in Human Milk. Immunoglobulins in Human Milk. Peptide Hormones and Hormone-Like Substances in Milk. Enzymes in Human Milk. Growth Factors in Human Milk: Sources and Potential Physiological Roles. Fat Globule Proteins. NON-PROTEIN NITROGEN IN HUMAN MILK. Non-Protein Nitrogen Components in Human Milk: Biochemistry and Potential Functional Role. PHYSIOLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF THE NITROGEN COMPOSITION OF HUMAN MILK. Protein Quantity and Whey: Casein Ratio in Infant Formulas. Is Taurine an Essential Nutrient for Neonates? Excretion of Human Milk Proteins by Term and Premature Infants. Amino Acid Metabolism in Human Milk-Fed and Formula-Fed Infants. Amino Acid Metabolism and Requirements of the Premature Infant: Is Human Milk the Gold Standard. Non-Immunoglobulins Compounds in Human Milk - Candidates for Prophylaxis Against Infantile Infections. Milk Lipases and in vivo Lipolysis. Index.