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Index page for: Childhood Nutrition

Table of Contents Historical Overview and Future Perspectives on Pediatric Nutrition, L. FinbergControversies in Childhood Nutrition, R.E. KleinmanCholesterol Screening and Dietary Intervention for Prevention of Adult Onset Cardiovascular Disease, O. Tarim, T.B. Newman, and F. LifshitzA Clinician's Approach to Initiating Breastfeeding, S.K. Schulman and A. RosnerOptimal Nutrition in Low Birth Weight Infants, R. Bainbridge and R. Tsang Infant Nutrition: The First Two Years, A.R. Hervada and M. Hervada-PageIron Deficiency, L.J. Filer, Jr.Food Allergy and Atopic Disease, R.K. ChandraNutrition Therapy of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, K. Michals-Matalon and R. MatalonThe Pathophysiology of Childhood Obesity, R. RisingNutrition for Special Needs-In Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disease, E. LebenthalDiarrhea and Malnutrition, A. Maggioni and F. LifshitzNutritional Complications of HIV Infection, D.P. KotlerNutrition and Growth, F. Lifshitz and M.M. SmithTrace Elements in Parenteral Nutrition, A.A. Moukarzel and M.E. AmentHome Parenteral Nutrition, A.A. Moukarzel and M.E. AmentPrenatal and Genetic Magnesium Deficiency in Cardiomyopathy: Possible Vitamin and Trace Mineral Interactions, M. SeeligNonnutritive Dietary Supplements in Pediatrics, M.B. Zimmermann and N. KretchmerThe Ecology of Poverty, Undernutrition, and Learning Failure, R.J. KarpNutrition Education in Medical Schools and Residency Training, M. Winick