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Nutrition and Women's Cancers


ISBN10: 849385628
ISBN13: 9780849385629

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 192
Publish date: september 1998

A comprehensive review of nutritional epidemiology as applied specifically to women's cancer issues Descriptions of the pathology and genetic, environmental, and dietary risk factors for each cancer Concise discussions of methods of nutritional epidemiology provide a basis for understanding and interpreting data Analysis of the limitations and interpretations of nutritional epidemiology studies A chapter exploring women's health and cancer issues as public policy Until recently, there has been a gap in the scientific literature regarding women's health issues. The National Institutes of Health are encouraging more research focused on women, and many researchers are beginning to answer the call. Nutrition and Women's Cancers presents a comprehensive discussion of the etiological factors relevant to cancers that are most common in women. It covers female-specific cancers as well as lung and colon cancer, which are highly prevalent in women. The text focuses on the influence of nutrition and diet on these cancers and also discusses the impact of genetics and environmental factors, so that the reader may interpret the relative importance of diet in the complete context of multiple causes. This book presents specific studies of women's health and cancer issues and offers directions for future research in the field.