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Carotenoids in Health and Disease


ISBN10: 824754166
ISBN13: 9780824754167

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $199.95
Pages: 576
Publish date: augustus 2004

The first source to collect the latest evidence linking carotenoids to human health and disease, this stimulating reference studies the role of carotenoids in the prevention of chronic disease and reviews breakthrough studies from more than 40 field authorities on the latest research. The book reveals the most recent findings regarding the use of carotenoids in the prevention of cancers and sunburn, as well as eye, heart, vascular, and photosensitivity diseases, and evaluates the potential toxic effects of high-dose carotenoids in both smokers and drinkers. It also focuses on pioneering observations from observational epidemiological and clinical studies, as well as intervention trials on carotenoids.