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Index page for: Handbook of Food Engineering Practice

Table of Contents Pipeline Design Calculations for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids, James F. Steffe and R. Paul SinghSterilization Process Engineering, Hosahilli S. Ramaswamy and R. Paul SinghPrediction of Freezing Time and Design of Food Freezers, Donald J. Cleland and Kenneth J. ValentasDesign and Performance Evaluation of Dryers, Guillermo H. Crapiste and Enrique RotsteinDesign and Performance Evaluation of Membrane Systems, Jatal D. MannapperumaDesign and Performance Evaluation of Evaporation, Chin Shu Chen and Ernesto HernandezMaterial and Energy Balances, Brian E. Farkas and Daniel F. FarkasFood Packaging Materials, Barrier Properties, and Selection, Ruben J. HernandezKinetics of Food Deterioration and Shelf-Life Prediction, Petros S. Taoukis, Theodore P. Labuza, and I. Sam SaguyTemperature Tolerance of Foods during Distribution, John Henry Wells and R. Paul SinghDefinition,Measurement, and Prediction of Thermophysical and Rheological Properties, Martin J. Urbicain and Jorge E. LozanoDough Processing Systems, Leon Levine and Ed BoehmerCost and Profitability Estimation, J. Peter ClarkSimulation and Optimization, Enrique Rotstein, Julius Chu, and I. Sam SaguyCIP Sanitary Process Design, Dale A. SeiberlingProcess Control, David BresnahanFood Chemistry for Engineers, Joseph J. Warthesan and Martha R. MeuhlenkampIndexCatalog no. 8694, 1998, 736 pp.,ISBN: 0-8493-8694-2$134.95 / ?90.00Short TOC