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Index page for: Teaching Innovations in Lipid Science

Table of Contents STRATEGIES FOR TEACHING LIPID SCIENCE TO THE PUBLIC, STUDENTS, AND TEACHERSEducating the Public about Lipids, A.H.C. Huang and R.J. WeselakeFats, Genes and Food Using Lipids as a Tool in University and High School Science Education and Public Outreach, D.J. MurphyMentorships and Related Programs Provide Mechanisms for Involving Students in the Science of Fats and Oils, N. Lee and J.K. DaunTeaching Lipid Chemistry through Creative Problem Solving, K.M. SchaichMentoring Independent Study Students in Lipid Science, E.C. Kazala, C.L. Snyder, T. Furukawa-Stoffer, and R.J. WeselakeSample Cards for Teaching Processing of Oilseeds and Cereals, L.A. Johnson, J. Maiers, and D. JarboeBiotechnology and Crop Improvement in Agriculture, D. HildebrandUnderstanding Isoprenoid Biochemistry DEMONSTRATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS IN LIPID SCIENCEWhat's in a Potato Chip?, R.G. Ackman, A. Timmins, and S. BudgeOils and Fats Simple Demonstrations of Properties and Uses, T.A. McKeonTeaching Relationships between the Composition of Lipids and Nutritional Quality, R. PrzybylskiHigh Temperature Gas Liquid Chromatographic Profiling of Plasma Lipids: A Student Exercise, A. KuksisAnalysis of Total Milk Fat, C. Cruz-Hernandez and J.K.G. KramerThe Use of Enzyme Test Kits for Teaching Lipid Chemistry, R.A. MoreauPlastids as a Model System in Teaching Plant Lipid Metabolism, S.A. Sparace and K.F. Kleppinger-Sparace