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Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology


ISBN10: 748407340
ISBN13: 9780748407347

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $84.95
Pages: 328
Publish date: augustus 1999

The pace of progress in fermentation biotechnology is fast and furious, particularly since the advent of genetic engineering and the recent advances in computer science and process control. This book addresses the multidisciplinary nature and the many fascinating aspects of fermentation thus providing a stepping stone in its progress as we enter a new era in which the use of renewable resources is recognized as an urgent need. In addition to central issues such as bioreactor design, fermentation kinetics, flux control analysis and modern strategies for productivity, the book also provides a good account of fermentation control through biosensors and software technologies. Chapters have been written by eminent academics and well know industrialists in the field, thus ensuring a good balance between theory and practice. Furthermore, extensive illustration and highlighting of key concepts are used throughout to enliven the subject and aid understanding. This book will prove invaluable to fermentation industrialists, as well as students reading applied microbiology, industiral microbiology, metabolic engineering and fermentation technology.