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Index page for: Natural Colorants for Food and Nutraceutical Uses

Table of Contents Colorants: From the Physical Phenomenon to their Nutraceutical Properties: An OverviewThe Color PhenomenonDefinitionHuman PerceptionMeasurementPigmentsDefinitionA World of Colorless CompoundsPigments in BiologyMolecular Affinities of PigmentsNatural Distribution of PigmentsClassification of Food ColorsChoice and Application of ColorsPigments as Food ColorantsColorants as Food AdditivesSafety of Food ColorantsInorganic and Synthetic Pigments: History, Sources and UsesInorganicSyntheticAnalytical Techniques and the Evaluation of Color PurityNatural Pigments: A Global PerspectiveDistributionFunctionsCarotenoidsDefinitionClassification and NomenclatureDistributionBiosynthesis: Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyFunctionsMethodological AspectsCarotenoids as Food ColorsProcessing and StabilityProduction of Carotenoids in BioreactorsAnthocyanins and BetalainsAnthocyaninsBetalainsOther Natural PigmentsChlorophyllsCaramelTurmericCochineal, Carmine and other Natural Pigments from InsectsMonascusIridoidsChemicals and Colorants as NutraceuticalsFundamentalsNutraceuticals and Related Terms: DefinitionsFood Items as NutraceuticalsNatural Colorants as NutraceuticalsNutraceuticals: The PerspectiveAppendix: List of Abbreviations