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Nutrition and the Strength Athlete


ISBN10: 849381983
ISBN13: 9780849381980

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $119.95
Pages: 328
Publish date: november 2000

Provides accurate, up-to-date information on sport and exercise nutrition Reviews the parameters within which resistance training is defined Presents scientifically based information on nutrition as it relates to the strength athlete Covers practical applications to particular sports Discusses future research and concerns Both strength training and weight training are recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine as vital to a high quality of life. They are also of tremendous benefit to young, healthy adults and adults with or at risk for osteoporosis. Most information on nutrition and strength athletes, however, is scattered throughout pamphlet-type publications and magazines and tends to be written by individuals with little or no professional training in the field of nutrition. Nutrition and the Strength Athlete is an authoritative, scientifically based text that addresses virtually every aspect of nutrition as it pertains to the strength athlete. The book begins with an extensive review of the parameters defining resistance training. Subsequent chapters cover areas of interest to those who participate in resistance training, such as energy-yielding nutrients, vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, hormones, hydration, and nutritional considerations to support the immune system . The book concludes with nutritional concerns for women who resistance train and strength athletes who play tennis. This definitive work discusses the following: An overview of studies done on weight training Anabolic / androgenic steroid use Traditional nutritional and energy requirements and the most recent findings on supplementation - including vitamin, amino acid, and phosphagen supplements Various classes of strength-trained athletes and the regimens of strength training Each chapter is written by an experienced and highly regarded researcher and/or practitioner in the respective area. In fact, all of the authors participate in strength training as part of their lifestyle, making this book unique in its approach to Nutrition and the Strength Athlete.